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Property Law

Property Law - 'with Integrity'

Business & General Legal provide tailored advice and assistance in a wide range of property related matters in Adelaide (SA). We act for an array of clients from mum and dads to large businesses and provide legal advice, drafting services, enforcement of agreements and representation in disputes.

We can provide our clients with:

  • Contract drafting, review and advice;
  • Property contract preparation, review and advice;
  • Property searches;
  • Preparation and advice of commercial leasing documents including:
    • disclosure statements
    • leases
    • director’s guarantees
    • registration of lease
    • extension of lease
    • assignment of lease
    • variation of lease
    • termination of lease and
    • debt collection for rental arrears incorporating processes such as distraint of tenant goods and re-entry of premises;
  • Commercial lease advice for prospective tenants and purchasers;
  • Advice on property law legislative requirements;
  • Advice on purchasing and selling property;
  • Conveyancing (residential and commercial)
  • Drafting addendums to contracts;
  • Preparation of Form 1;
  • Providing advice and issuing certificate of waiver of cooling off rights;
  • Negotiating and drafting a License to Occupy (early access license);
  • Preparation and service of a 'Notice to Complete' a contract of sale;
  • Preparation and service of a 'Notice to Terminate' a contract of sale;
  • Issuing legal proceedings for breach of contract and to recover any damages suffered as a result;
  • Resolution of property related legal disputes;
  • Preparation and lodgement of caveats and removal of caveats;
  • Any other legal matters in connection to property, conveyancing or leasing processes

If you are looking for experienced, professional, friendly solicitors in Adelaide (SA) to take care of your property law needs give us a call to book your free no obligation half hour appointment.

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